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The different types of roof racks

While it is right when you say that some vehicles are manufactured with factory installed roof rack, it doesn’t mean that you already have 4×4 roof racks. Doing the research or gaining information can mean that you are looking for the best product for your car, right? Just like many products available on the market, roof rack comes in the different types and sizes, which can work well for some types of vehicles, such as car and caravan. The following are the different types of the roof rack that will give you multiple options. Make sure you choose the most suitable one to your need.

– Rain gutters

This was quite common 60 years ago. People didn’t have many options so that is why this type of roof rock was the available one. Fortunately, individuals including you nowadays can benefit from the technology development when you find multiple types of the roof rack for your cars. Also, they are available online, where you should not do the trip to reach the certain shop nearby your residential building.

– Bare roof

Don’t you know? Most vehicles on the road now have this type of roof racks. The racks have uniquely shaped rubber bases and rubber coated metal brackets which you can fit the car roof.

– Raised rail

For your information, this is known as the most common type of vehicle roof everyone could find when going to the market. In addition to raised rail, this roof rack type is commonly found on SUVs, wagons, and minivans.

– Flush rail

Well, this is one of newer roof rack types. These were first introduced with European vehicles. The rails are flush with the rooftop, with no space between the rail and the top of the vehicle. For the most part, there is a practically undetectable inward and external section to enable cross bars to be associated with the framework. While being useful, the flush rail rooftop rack likewise looks awesome.