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Do not Paint In The Rainy Season

The rainy season usually results in the surface of the outer wall becoming wet and moist. This will reduce the quality of paint to be absorbed perfectly. In the rainy season usually, the weather tends to cloudy, so the sun is a very important role in the drying process will not be able to dry the paint to the maximum. In addition, the wet surface will obviously be harder to paint and the resulting colour will not be as perfect as painting the walls in a dry state. For that, you can determine the time of painting in the dry season to painters woodstock ga.

First of all, put the corners more difficult to reach. Start from the corner of the roof near the water catchment pipe. After that, start painting on the main wall. Start painting from top to bottom and not vice versa. Keep the flow of paint direction so that the resulting colour more evenly. After the main part is finished in the paint, you can switch to other parts of the outside wall, such as on the side or at the back of the house. After all the parts have been painted, leave them to dry completely and make sure your children or pets do not touch them while wet.