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Ants as Pests at Home

There must be a doubt when you need to search for belongings that have been stored in creepy places such as attics and so on that you might wish that you can avoid doing that. Other than ghosts, what should be the cause for you to have a second thought to go to such a place find your belongings are pests.

There are some risks that you will get when solving your own pest problem at home. Thus, it is better to call a professional pest controller like the exterminator in White Rock Such as professional is certainly the one that will know what is the right thing to do to terminate one kind of pests as each pest requires different techniques to be terminated.

One of the most common pests at home is ants. You might realize that your house has become a nest of ants when shifting and moving from wooden furniture at home which became a nesting place for this type of pest. Dangerous ants as pests ate the black and big carpenter ants. What harm can such ants cause? The answer is the painful bite of this ant type. If you have ever encountered a painful ant bite before, it can sting on the skin and red wounds accompanied around the bite area meaning you have been bitten by this type of ant. Although not a big problem, the painful ant bites will just seem to be reduced after a day. With less than 5mg of weight, ants can crawl on you without you knowing it until they bite.

Especially for carpenter ants in the house, they are able to carry out painful bites for humans. Carpenter ants can be found in Indonesian homes nesting on wooden pieces. Wood with moisture problems is susceptible to attacks from this type of ant.